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Hear What Everyone's Saying about Parksville Hearing Clinic

June 10, 2022

The Parksville Hearing Clinic was fantastic to work with. I am Canadian but live most of the year in Africa. Jon was sensitive to the time I had available and also to the realities of life where I work. Jon took time to explain things well as this was my first hearing issue. He also took special care to be sure I had everything I needed as I might not have a hearing specialist nearby. The solution he provided has been reliable and helped me join fully in conversations with my family and those I work with.



Comforting to Be in Expert Hands from Day One
“Having had Hearing Aids for years, l went to the Hearing Aid Clinic in Parksville for new ones.

The care and aftercare has been wondeful. Comforting to be in expert hands from day one.”
- Moira

Try Them and You Will Not Be Disappointed
“It is with pleasure I recommend the services of the Parksville Hearing Clinic. After three years stuggling with my first hearing aids I turned to the Parksville Clinic for help. The service I received from Jon and Barbara was outstanding. After a very thorough examination and testing my new aids were everything I had hoped for. The follow-up and continuous service was something I had not expected but is much appreciated and gives me a sure feeling of confidence. Try them and you will not be disappointed! Sincerely, Lorraine Cornish.”


Thanks for the Aid

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jon Cockcroft and office manager, Barbara, of Parksville Hearing Clinic.


My dad had pretty much given up on being able to wear any kind of hearing aid to help him as he has challenging ears (narrow and bent ear canals as well as wax issues).


I thought we ought to give just one more try and decided to phone them (I found their ad in the news). I explained what had been happening and the challenges involved, but they were not daunted. My dad agreed to an appointment, and what followed was something that went beyond the call.


Jon was incredibly patient and willing to help dad if it was at all possible. He got the moulds right on the first try and let dad try the hearing aids before making a commitment to buy.


Well, a little over a month later, dad is once again hearing and (I believe) very happy and satisfied. I really felt Jon went out of his way to help dad, and I truly recommend him to all those who could benefit from hearing aids no matter what the difficulty may be.


Thank you for your honesty, your patient help, and your kindness."

- Jan K., August 28, 2014


Excellent Service

"I would like to thank Jon and his staff for their excellent service at the Parksville Hearing Clinic. They go the extra mile with a smile and a kind word."

- Jim E., July 18, 2013


Excellent Professional Service and Personal Attention

"During the past 20 years I have been prescribed numerous types and styles of hearing aid devices. My memory of the quality of hearing aids in general was not what I expected. My recent acquisition of the Bernafon is definitely the most beneficial and superior in every way. The amplification of my present hearing signal is unbelievable. The fine tuning of high and low frequencies has modulated the tone quality and the telephone works like a gem. Thank you to Jon at the Parksville Hearing Clinic for the excellent professional service and personal attention to detail."

- J.R.A., January 23, 2013


Exemplary Service and Attention

"I just wanted to commend Jon and his staff for their exemplary service and attention to the needs of their clients. There are many in the hearing aid business but none are as honest and caring as Jon. He is so unlike many others in this profession who are anxious to sell you their products but forget who you are the minute they have your money. Jon’s integrity and attention to service are second to none. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone without reservation, and I thank him for his unfailing patience and caring manner."

- P. B., December 19, 2013

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