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Answers to Hearing Loss Questions from Parksville Hearing Clinic

What Does A Hearing Test Cost?

There is no charge for a hearing screening unless there is a physician's report, employment report or medical report of any kind. Any costs incurred that are not covered by insurance or employer will be issued via paid invoice from us*, and you will be able to claim it on your taxes for medical expenses.

*Restrictions apply, please ask for details.

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

Hearing aids come with a two year manufacturers' warranty. After that, if there is a problem with the hearing aid, there will be a charge for the manufacturer to repair the hearing aid, which will include a one-year warranty. Any repairs that we are able to do in the office will usually be at no charge if the hearing aid was purchased in our clinic. Due to changes in technology, most manufacturers will no longer repair hearing aids if they are over 5 years old.

If you have been fit with a hearing aid that leaves enough room for adjustments and your hearing should drop over the next few years, your Hearing Instrument Practitioner (HIP) will at any time be able to adjust your hearing aids accordingly.

How Will I Know A Hearing Aid Will Work For Me?

If your audiogram shows hearing loss, there are certain tests that can let your HIP know whether a hearing aid will work for you. Once fit with a hearing aid, you will have a 60-day trial period with your new hearing aid, and you will be required to come back once a week for adjustments until you are completely happy with the sound. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied and your HIP has tried other options and can still not satisfy you, your money will be refunded in full, less any return fees which will be discussed with you prior to purchase.

Is There A Payment Plan?

Normally we ask for half of the total cost of the hearing aids when we order them, and the balance upon fitting. You will then be given a paid-in-full invoice which you may use for your medical expenses, or group insurance claim if you have one.

What Can Be Done About Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a very common symptom. Exposure to loud noises, medications, a pinched nerve in your neck and high blood pressure are some of the many causes of tinnitus. It is recommended to come in and have a hearing test to see if any further medical testing is required for your tinnitus. If tinnitus is present as well as hearing loss, hearing aids can sometimes drown out the tinnitus noise by making the sounds around you louder. There are hearing aids which are designed to mask tinnitus noise. There is ongoing research into the cause and treatment of tinnitus.

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*Restrictions apply, please ask for details.

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