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Hearing Screenings in Parksville

If you are concerned about your hearing or if a family member or friend has mentioned to you that you are not hearing well, you should book an appointment for a hearing screening. It does not cost anything* and it is not painful.

*Restrictions apply, please ask for details.


The Hearing Test

We will book you for an hour appointment and our Hearing Instrument Practitioner (HIP) will check inside your ears to make sure your ear canals are clear of wax and your ear drums are healthy looking. If all is well, you will be placed inside of our soundproof booth with a set of headphones and given a series of beep tones at different frequencies. When you hear the tone you say yes. This will create your audiogram, which will be explained to you at the end of the test so you can see where your hearing levels are at. You may be asked to return for further testing or you may be asked to return in a year for a re-test. Your results will be kept on file so you may see if your hearing has changed over the years.

Hearing Aids

If you are found to have hearing loss, your HIP will go over the many different brands and styles of hearing aids and discuss with you which would be the most suitable for your lifestyle and hearing loss.


Please visit the Bernafon, Widex®, and Phonak websites to see what hearing aid options are available.

Hearing Aid Customer Education

Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are new to hearing aids or have used them for years. We are always here to help and answer any questions you may have. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you.

Repairs and Maintenance

We suggest a visit to our clinic at least twice a year, if not more, in order to have your hearing aids checked and cleaned. This will prolong the life of your hearing aid. We will check your ears for wax and make sure your hearing aid is working as it should be. We will change the tubes, clean the molds, and vacuum the microphones in the hearing aid all for no charge for the lifetime of your hearing aid. If there is a repair that we cannot do in our office, you will be informed of any charges if it is out of warranty prior to sending your hearing aid away.

Custom Ear Protection

Impressions of your ears are taken in our clinic and sent to a manufacturer that specializes in making all sorts of custom ear protection, such as:


  • Ear defenders, used for construction and industrial workplaces, shooting, motor bikes, large engines, etc.

  • Music Plugs

  • Swim Plugs

  • Sleep Plugs

  • Specialty molds for pilots, earpieces, radios, etc.


Custom fitted molds will improve the comfort of the earplug and improve the effectiveness of ear protection.

Hearing Aid Accessories

  • We carry Power One and Rayovac mercury free batteries for your hearing aids.

  • Eargene, and ProEar by Miracell (for itchy ears) hearing aid battery testers, dry aid jars (dehumidifiers) all to keep your hearing aids running their best.

We Fix It!

Let us repair your broken hearing aid.

 Free Test!

Get a free hearing test at our clinic.*

*Restrictions apply, please ask for details.

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